My Tarot Readings are a powerful and creative way to tune in to what’s happening in your life right now, the path that you’re on and which direction you may be heading in. They give you the ability to look at your life with a new perspective, to look at the energy and influences affecting you, learn about the road you’re travelling and find options and strategies for moving forwards and manifesting the life you’re ready to create. The cards you select are like a window to your soul, reflecting the answers that you already hold deep within you by tapping into your inner knowing and creativity to unlock that wisdom and understand yourself better.

Tarot is a spiritual art and an ancient divination tool that is a little bit like GPS for your soul. It is a wonderful yet practical tool for self-reflection and can help you to safely explore issues in your past, present and future life on subjects like love, relationships, career, business, money and life in general. We all have the wisdom and resources within ourselves to make positive and inspired choices in our lives. Making time and space to reflect on the messages illustrated in the beautiful images of the cards that you are drawn to select is where the real magic of Tarot happens.

Elemental Guidance Tarot Reading

A detailed reading giving you the time and space to receive a general overview of your situation before focusing on your specific questions about your relationships, career, money or spiritual development.

Wheel of Life Tarot Reading

An enlightening in-depth reading that explores your past, present and future to clarify the situations you face with your love, home, social life and work.

Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

An in depth looks at the year ahead and what it has in store for you through each month and season. This reading gives you an insight into all aspects of your life for the next 12 months and offers spiritual guidance to support you in the months ahead

Tarot Tea Party

Sit back and relax with your friends as you enjoy a guided group meditation and a magical, individual tarot or angel card reading in the comfort of your own home or at our place.

I don’t read to predict the future so I will not tell you what is going to happen to you or what has happened to you in your past. The reading is for you and about you so I won’ttell you what another person is thinking or feeling but will instead encourage you to consider how you can improve your situation. I use my natural intuitive healing and divination skills to interpret the cards that you select, and work with you to explore and understand the symbols and messages of the cards to guide and support you in finding the resources you need to heal your life and achieve your goals.

I am a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association and the Tarot Association of the British Isles and adhere to their professional codes of conduct at all times.

Terms and conditions

I use Tarot and my natural intuition to give readings that are genuine and sincere.

Readings are for guidance only and are not a substitute for personal responsibility. You have free will and personal judgement, and are responsible for your own actions at all times.Consequently,I am not responsible for any decisions, actions or events which may take place after your reading.

Readings are deemed by law to be for entertainment purposes only.

I will never tell you what to do or encourage you to become dependent upon me.Instead, my readings are designed to help you to access your own inner wisdom and make your own decisions.

I am an ethical reader bound by the professional standards of the Tarosophy Tarot Association and the Tarot Association of the British Isles.

I do not read for under 18s without a parent present.

I do not offer refunds for any service ortraining unless there are exceptional circumstances.


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