What is Shamanic Soul Retrieval?

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Soul Retrieval is powerful Shamanic Medicine.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re so lost it feels like your soul has actually left your body and you’re empty inside, on the verge of shutting down?

If you know what I’m talking about then the chances are you’ve experienced Soul Loss or Soul Theft.


What are Soul Loss and  Soul Theft?

Whenever you experience trauma, emotional crisis or significant stress, your Self is damaged and you suffer soul loss.

Any time you find yourself appeasing others by not speaking your truth, or you’re unable to stand up for yourself in difficult situations or relationships, then your Self becomes fragmented as piece by piece your soul leaves your body until there’s nothing left.

You won’t notice the losses at first other than a vague sense that something’s missing and you’re not enjoying life the way you used to, but as time passes and more of your soul leaves, you’ll start to feel a sense of exhaustion, dis-ease, stress and that sense of shutting down. It happened to me over 10 years ago, when I was so lost and empty after years of bullying, stress and trauma going back to childhood that I couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. I withdrew from the world and it’s not a feeling I ever want to experience again!

Soul theft occurs when you attacked by another, whether verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically. Many people suffer soul loss when they find themselves in co-dependent relationships, or when caring for loved ones. If you’re have caring responsibilities for ageing parents as well as your own kids, then you may especially feel that you’re giving too much of yourself to others and there’s nothing left of you. One of the most common reasons my clients come to see me is that they’ve reached the point where they’re almost on their knees with stress and exhaustion because they’re being pulled in so many directions – demanding careers, family pressures, guilt at not giving enough to their kids, partners and parents. Eventually they realise that this has to stop and they need to find themselves again.

We’ve all suffered some soul loss over the course of our lives. Take a few moments to think of the last time you felt disappointment, failure or embarrassment and how you reacted. Did you shrink inside yourself and withdraw from the world? Maybe you consciously or unconsciously shut down your heart or sacral chakra to protect yourself from being hurt again?

Were you bullied, abused or belittled as a child? If you’ve been carrying feelings of guilt, shame, being unloved and unlovable, or not being good enough then these are signs of soul theft.

Often our response to soul loss or soul theft is to fill the energy gap we’re experiencing with the ususal forms of self medication such as food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, other people’s energy, extreme sports, and risky behaviour or escapism like zoning out to boxsets and movies, daydreaming, over-sleeping, procrastinating and staring into space.

The symptoms of soul loss are many and range from depression, suicide, lack of motivation, cynicism, egotism, paranoia and aggression to the niggles of life, tiredness, loss of libido, difficulties in relationships, neediness, inability to carry ideas through to completion, dissatisfaction with life, emptiness or a feeling that something is missing and you’re no longer present in your own life, you’re just going through the motions on and operating on autopilot.


How Does Shamanic Soul Retireval Work?

Shamanic Soul Retrieval retrieves your lost soul fragments by calling back the missing or damaged soul pieces so that you can be made whole again. The long-forgotten feeling of wholeness is amazing in itself, and can be felt from your first soul retrieval session. You may find that this in itself triggers healthier new habits and behaviours, and if you’re anything like me you may find yourself re-defining your personal boundaries and speaking your truth in ways you’ve never been able to before.

The method is similar to Power Retrieval, but this time I will journey to the Upper World to retrieve your soul parts, guided by divine beings who will return the parts and offer messages for you to integrate into your being. Soul Retrievals can be repeated as often required, with a minimum 28 day period between each session, until your soul healing has taken place.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions in Whitley Bay are £60 and last approximately 2 hours. To book a Shamanic Soul Retrieval session, please contact me or book online at www.elementalchanges.schedulista.com.

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