What is Shamanic Power Retrieval?

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Do you often feel powerless and unable to face the challenges that life throws at you? Life is tough sometimes – it’s how we grow, learn and evolve – and when we are feeling lost and are struggling to cope with the latest upheaval we may need to call on spiritual assistance to help us navigate the lessons we are here to learn.

Many indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions believe that we are multi-dimensional beings, intimately connected to all of life including the animals, plants, water, earth, our ancestors, the stars and the worlds beyond.  We learn about ourselves by observing our environment, by understanding the ways of nature and our place in it.

Shamanic Power Retrieval enables you to take back your personal power parts. They’re the parts that are lost when you give away your power, your power has been taken from you or you have felt powerless either through difficult situations, arguments, bullying, relationships or trauma.

The loss of your personal power can leave you vulnerable to illness, dis-ease or feeling stuck and unable to move forward in healthy and positive ways.

Shamanic Power Retrieval restores your personal power and brings the joy back into your life, giving you the confidence to manage difficult situations.

Many people report feeling a sense of wholeness, peace, joy and vibrancy after power retrieval and discover a life-changing light-heartedness, inner strength and calmness that enables them to develop greater self-esteem and make positive and healthy changes in their lives.

In a Shamanic Power Retrieval I will undertake a shamanic journey to the other worlds to discover the lost parts, power animal(s) and guidance that will empower you. They are blown into your heart and head, returning them to you and enabling you to re-integrate them into your being. Once your power has been returned you will receive a beautiful energy healing to seal in the power. As the session closes I will share the wisdom of your animals for you to reflect on – their messages resonate powerfully with people and will usually give you a eureka moment.

Shamanic Power Retrieval sessions in Whitley Bay are £60 and last approximately 2 hours. To book a Shamanic Power Retrieval session, please contact me or book online at www.elementalchanges.schedulista.com.


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