Endings and Beginnings on my Shamanic Journey


It’s been yonks since my last blog and there have been many changes in my personal and professional life while I’ve been away.

The Wheel of Life keeps turning and with it comes the ups and downs of life. A long-term relationship breakdowns, family illness and my own health issues have been balanced by moments of joy – new opportunities to bring healing to the community, personal growth and yesterday was the end of my 12 month Shamanic Practitioner training. That’s right, I’m now a fully fledged Shamanic Healer!

This has long been a dream of mine, as it enables me to integrate my own personal shamanic rituals, ceremonies and practices which have their roots in British, Celtic and Northern European Shamanism, with core Shamanism so that my work at Elemental Changes is ever more closely aligned with my personal spiritual path.

It’s a bit like passing your driving test. Although I’ve achieved my certificate to practice, the real learning and development begins now. I feel that I’m at the beginning of a very exciting future, adding new dimensions to my my work as a healer as I bring the indigenous wisdom and energy of our ancestors into my work.

This has been a year of immense joy, sadness, release and renewal and I can honestly say that the shamanic healing I’ve experienced myself on the course has changed me in innumerable ways both personally and professionally.

I’ve found an inner strength and confidence that has enabled me to face the tough times head on, and it has re-connected me to the lost parts of myself. For the first time since childhood I feel whole, free and ready to face my next adventure. And of course I now have an even strong connection to my spirit guides and animal helpers who I know I can call on for support when I need a helping hand (or paw!)

I’m eternally grateful to my friend, mentor and soul sister Elaine Mckeown at Inner Peace Healing for her brilliant teaching and for sharing her knowledge and experience over the last year, and for bringing together the most inspirational and supportive group of women to share the journey.

I’m now taking bookings for Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Extraction Medicine, and have new gatherings and retreats in the pipeline – dates and details will be posted on the Events page in the next few days.

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