A Tarot Spread for New Year Intentions


A favourite technique that I use in my own intention setting, manifesting workshops and at my meditation sessions is to go within, to our Secret Garden, where we can plant the seeds of change that we wish to bring into our lives.

With the New Year fast approaching many of us are already reflecting on the year that is ending and how we’d like our lives to be different in 2017 – new careers, relationships, better well-being and health, dreams big and small can all be brought to the surface for our consideration and attention.

The New Moon on 29th December is a fantastic time to reflect on our intentions for the month ahead, and also for the year ahead. The New Moon energies combining with the intense creative and manifesting energies coming through in 2017 (the Universal 1 year of new beginnings) make this a powerful time to really get to the heart of our dreams and desires and write the story of how we want to be in the year to come.

I have created this tarot spread for working with my New Year intentions on today’s New Moon, and in my monthly New Moon intention setting rituals throughout 2017.

The cards take you through planting the seed of your intention, weeding out any fears that may be holding you back (after all, our intentions will only bloom if we truly believe they can!), nurturing the seed as it takes root and begins to grow, and then tending to it as it blooms into fruition.

Before shuffling the cards, I spend a few minutes breathing deeply and going within to my own secret garden, the wild, magical, fertile place of creation and growth where I can where I meditate and plant the seeds of what I want to manifest, getting really clear on which positive changes I wish to see in my life, and making the image as clear as possible (what I can hear, see, smell, feel when this change has happened).

1. The Seed – what’s your intention?

2. The Weeds – fears blocking your growth (crossing card 1)

3. Planting – where to dig deep and overcome your fears

4. Germination – nurturing and growth below the surface, waiting for the first shoots to emerge

5. Roots – how to strong foundations for your intention to build on

6. Shoots – how to best nurture your intention to ensure healthy growth

7. Full Bloom – what you can expect when this intention comes to fruition

If you use this spread yourself and would like to share your intentions and readings, please let me know in the comments below! Or hop on over to elementalchanges.schedulista.com to book an in person Tarot reading with me at my studio in Whitley Bay.

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