Practical Magic


Elemental Changes has gone through a huge period of growth and transformation recently. Healing and teaching are at the forefront of my work, and the universe has opened wonderful new opportunities for me to do this.

A series of synchronistic events finds me in the perfect new home at The Angels Arcade in Whitley Bay, at the same time as my new website is being launched and my personal creativity is reigniting my passion for writing and photography.

So this feels like a good time to re-start my blog and add my voice to the others already out there.

I’ve blogged before, inconsistently and it soon became a chore, where I felt an uncomfortable, self imposed pressure to write profound and meaningful blogs about Reiki and Tarot that ultimately didn’t spark my passion and mirrored what so many other bloggers already write about.

I want my blog to be a reflection of me as well as my work, a creative space to record the practical magic that comes from living and working with Reiki and divination.

Not sure where to start, I do what I always do when I’m searching for clarity. I go to the water, sit and meditate, sinking into the stillness within me until the guidance I seeking bubbles to the surface.

Slowing down… breathing… connecting… nature… spirituality… a quiet and gentle place to be… sharing the signs… symbols… synchronicities and magic found in everyday life… giving my heart and soul a voice… expressing my creativity… sharing moments of joy, wonder, knowledge and discovery, a breathing space to rest and relax when life gets overwhelming… a place of healing and wisdom… inspiring and uplifting… supportive and nurturing… belonging… aloneness…

The words tumble up and out, and I write them down.

I will be open to the wonders of the universe, and through this blog will share the beauty, joy, wonder and healing that I find in the minute details of everyday life, to encourage slowing down and create a space to connect with quiet, calm and gentleness in a chaotic world.

I hope you will join me.

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