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I’m rediscovering my passion for poetry and writing at the moment, partly thanks to signs and nudges from Source that tell me it’s the next step along my spiritual path.

As the autumn nights get darker I instinctively switch into hibernation mode, and savour quiet nights in with a good book.

How timely then that this beautiful book, A Poem for Every Night of the Year by Allie Esiri, should land on my doormat on National Poetry Day, a week before it was due to be dispatched.

The theme for National Poetry Day 2016 is Messages, and tonight’s poem is messages by Matt Goodfellow…

look closely and you’ll find them

in fields of patterned grasses
drafted by the hare

embroidered by the bluebells
through a wood

in scattered trails of blossom
stamped into the mud

scorched by heather-fire
across the moors

in looping snail-trails
scrawled on forest floors

scored across the sky
by screaming swifts

in rolling, twisting peaks
of drifting mountain mist

scribbled by an ocean
on the sand

look closely: you will see
and understand

The Universe communicates with us through signs and symbols – feathers, pennies from heaven (I collect mine in a jar), snatches of conversations, songs on the radio, a phone call from a friend soon after you’ve though of her…

When you start listening and noticing the messages around you, following the clues they give us, deciphering the code, you will find your horizons widening and possibilities opening up to you.

Have fun with it and please share your experiences in the comments…

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