10 New Year’s Intentions for Reiki Practitioners


As the wheel of the year turns for the final time, our thoughts begin to turn to the new year ahead of us. 2017 is a Universal 1 year and the beginning of the next 9-year cycle. This is a fantastic time to set intentions not only for the year ahead but also the next 9 years, mapping put the story of our lives on our own terms.

There are powerful energies around us now, so this is a great time to connect to Reiki to deepen your practice and healing in 2017. Positive intention setting is one of the most powerful aspects of Reiki so what better time to plant the seeds of powerful change and new beginnings.

I’ve been reflecting on my own path as a Reiki Practitioner, Master, and Teacher over the last 9-year cycle and complied this list of intentions that Reiki practitioners may choose to add to their list of intentions for 2017.

  1. Commit to practice Reiki self-healing daily. This will strengthen your connection to Reiki, and bring improvements to your general wellbeing i.e., physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. At first you may not have time for a full Reiki self-healing practice, but even 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference to you and your Reiki practice.
  2. Incorporate meditation into your daily Reiki self-healing. There are many to choose from so choose one that fits the time you have available. If you are doing a full self-healing Reiki meditation practice, spend time meditating on the 5 Reiki Principles, practicing Hatsurei Ho or listening to a guided Chakra balancing meditation. Meditation develops intuitive awareness, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves immune function, and the benefits can be supercharged when combined with Reiki self-healing.
  3. Resolve to eat healthier, high vibration foods to ensure that you are as pure a channel for the Reiki to flow through as possible. Remember, you are what you eat so ditch the junk and nourish yourself with the best nutrition you can. (Check out William Lee Rand’s great article for more information).
  4. Resolve to make the time to give Reiki sessions regularly to others and to receive Reiki from other Reiki practitioners.  Help friends, family members and pets to be healthier and feel better by giving them regular Reiki sessions, and make time to give yourself the same nurturing.
  5. Resolve to review what you have learned in your Reiki training. Review your notes from your Reiki training, re-read your manuals and brush up on what you already know, or come along to a Reiki share to review what you have already learned, discover new techniques and practice with other practitioners.
  6. Resolve to improve your Reiki skills by attending Reiki shares and exchanging your skills and knowledge with other practitioners. If there is a skill that you need to practice it then let your Reiki Master know and ask for it to be featured at a share.
  7. Consider incorporating Reiki into your spiritual practice and making it a way of life. Meditate on and live by the Five Reiki Principles. Living Reiki gently supports you through the lessons you need to learn and guides you safely on your spiritual path.
  8. Resolve to apply the Reiki skills you have learned to other areas of your life by finding creative new ways of using Reiki. For example, give Reiki to your food before eating, to your drinking water, to your car before a journey, to your work, to your finances. Journal your experiments and see what patterns emerge and which opportunities arise for you when you bring Reiki into every area of your life.
  9. Resolve to share your knowledge of Reiki with friends and family. Share the love and demonstrate the benefits of Reiki through your actions and experiences. Encourage others to open to the amazing magic that is Reiki (but respect those that are not ready to listen!)
  10. Continue to develop your skills and continue with your Reiki training if you feel compelled to deepen your experience and knowledge to become a more consciously powerful healer, practitioner and lightworker. Reiki opens the door to practical magic, infinite possibilities and unconditional love and there is so much more to be learned after your basic training if you find that Reiki is your calling.

If you are drawn to Reiki but are not yet trained and attuned to Reiki, then the New Year is a special time to begin your Reiki career. You can find details of my upcoming Reiki 1, Reiki 2 Practitioner, Seichem 1, Seichem 2 Practitioner and Reiki Master training courses at www/elementalchanges.uk/reiki-training.
Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year in 2017!

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